Monday, July 8, 2013

"The Killing" Tv show now in third season

I have only watched the first two seasons of "The Killing" but I really did like what I saw. I wrote a full feature on the show for Hypursuit a few weeks back and it was obvious that it had a large following. For me the rainy location, whole seasons to solve one murder, and brooding characters were great. It seems that right now a lot of shows are over-technicalized and very busy. I love "Fringe" and I also like "CSI". They just kind of have their own time and place, and "The Killing" from AMC somehow just stepped up and filled that void for those who liked things to unwind. The location couldn't be better, and I was really hooked instantly. From a network that brings you "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men"; these are probably storyboards and plots that are not just dreamt up overnight. You can see my full take on the show:

here at this link.

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