Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hawaii surf design spotlight: Eric Arakawa Surfboards

The North Shore of Oahu is definitely where a lot of the surf action takes place, and this is where Eric Arakawa designs now calls home base. Creating a product that has been ridden in many major competitions and events worldwide, he has traveled to many of the surf hotspots around the globe to enjoy the feeling of riding a wave and creating the coveted medium to do so. Rated amongst the top ten creators of surfboards in the world by Surfing Life Magazine, he utilizes the highest technology and bona fide island style gut feeling to create his product. Shortboards, Fishboards, minis and longboards are all among the wonderful creations offered up by this company. Hawaii is a land that requires respect when treading the waters and paying homage to its traditions, and this iconic surf brand is all encompassing when it comes to the spirit of Aloha and feeling the power of the North Shore waves. For product line info and details, go to their website:

At this Link.

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