Friday, July 5, 2013

Horror Movie list from the 1970's!

The 1970's were a very defining time for horror. While there were some movies that didn't meet the bar, this inclusive list is full of a lot of the ones that did. "Young Frankenstein", "Halloween", "Piranha" and "The Swarm" are many of the fun ones on the list. Sometimes the long pauses, imperfect editing, and glitches of the genre have a lot to do with these great movies. This was the decade where a lot of real terror came to screen, and of course launched the slasher films in higher volume. From big blockbusters like "Alien" to other treasures like "The Brood", it's one fine period of horror that could be known as the best. It doesn't always take computer generated effects to get you to jump out of your seat! Here is the website with the list:

100 great 1970's horror films: 

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