Friday, November 22, 2013

Destination Denver: Unquestionable King of the West

This month on the Hypursuit blog we wanted to do a large feature on the city of Denver as a whole, now that I have been here about exactly three months. When talking to a lot of our cohorts, we realized that some things well worth mentioning were left out, but we tried our hardest! Living here is always diverse and interesting, and the backdrop of the mountains makes it even more thrilling and beautiful. Landmarks such as the Bluebird Theatre are always going to be some of the best in the nation, and restaurants like Pete's Kitchen will be there to give Denver residents their fix of killer diner fare.

I had a real blast taking the pictures for the article on a perfectly sunny day, in the middle of and south of downtown. Club Milk will always be one of my favorites, as are the dj's that spin there. We are happy at Hypursuit that it seems everyone was really waiting for a variety piece, right before the holidays. There are so many things to sample, see, and hear in this city that no one will ever be disappointing. We know that we were not able to touch on the ski resorts much and all the people that brings into the state, but are definitely thinking about writing about the resorts in the near future. Thanks everyone we interviewed and wrote about for this great piece on the Mile High City!