Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hot Filmmaker's Topic: the Sony Handycam Full HD 3d Camcorder

Even though many people argue about the future of 3D and the preferences of Indie filmmakers differ, this jewel by the main innovator Sony gives you a massive amount of goodies for the price. There is the Optical Steady Shot image stabilization, and you can view the 3d footage without glasses. With two Full HD sensors, it makes the 3D shooting experience much more layered, and the 2D just as clear and dreamy as ever. Even if your outdoor setting is at the peak hours of brightness, the LCD has glare reduction that will still give you an accurate means of quality controlling what you just shot.

You can get immaculately blur-free footage with this camcorder, and the 3-way shake cancelling gives you optimal sharp results even if you are cruising at warp speed. Well; maybe not warp speed, but you get the idea. A 17x extended zoom would be amazing at locations like the ocean or a cityscape from a distance. I have not myself been able to play with this camera, but can only imagine the possibilities when put in the hands of all the creative talent out there today.

Supposedly the glasses free LCD is better on Fuji models, but as someone that worked in a major broadcast center; I really always stood by the Sony brand. Whatever your preference, there are so many innovations out there right now that the future will have a lot of changes. For quick still images, the camera is 20 mp. Let's hope now that every good film in progress won't have to have a Kickstarter campaign just to get funding, what I believe is a sad new norm in the industry due to risk level. to view this model, click:

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