Monday, August 12, 2013

Best of Denver Neighborhood Icon: City O City; Vegetarian Perfection

If the cosmopolitan city in question you're talking about is Denver, honors such as "Best Bike Friendly Business" and "Best Vegetarian" are like being compared to Scorsese or Tarantino in the film realm. The Watercourse Restaurant was named for both of these, and City O City, a sister venue from the same creators, has snapped up other valuable titles as well. "Best Neighborhood Bar" from 5280 and "Best Waffles" from Westword again last year.

Nestled at the top of Capitol Hill on the pleasantly urban stretch of 13th Street, City O City offers up vegetarian goodies like Chilaquiles, Sardou, Biscuits and Gravy, Hueveos Rancheros, and fruit with granola. On the lunchier side of things, there are delicious Vermicelli, The "El Hefe", a burger with mushrooms, egg and hot sauce; BBQ'd Tofu, and of course wonderful Mac N Cheese.

You can obtain gluten free Ho-Ho's, cakes and pies, pastries, and this gem in the Mile High gateway has an out of this world cocktail list. Happy Hour is from 2-6 PM daily, with an impressive Gin and Tequila stash as well. One of their "City Infusions" which really interests me is the Bourbon with fennel, apple, and clove; something I would love to sip while the first snow comes, and the smell of the tofu and scrambles waft out from the kitchen.

Curtis Zito is an old friend of mine who is a professor of sorts regarding Capitol Hill and dining/happy hour knowledge, and this establishment is at the absolute top of his list. As a longtime Watercourse customer myself, I would have to recommend that all customers take the professor's orders here. To quit daydreaming about all the goodies and check out how to get here and do it pronto, just visit their website: Here.

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