Friday, August 23, 2013

Milk: Denver's Killer Kubrick -Inspired Alternative Club

Dj Roland at the helm
My first outing being back to Denver was Milk, the winner of Westword's "Best retro/goth" award in 2011. DJ Roland and Slave 1 were both performing that night. I heard more of Roland in the first room, but DJ Slave 1 sure does love her craft, and patrons really flocked to her to compliment her. A true haven of the underground; this is not for the frat crowd or young executives trying to impress others. Think "The Crow", Jesus and Mary Chain, Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, and the like. Perfect for indulging in rainy night culture, latex fashion, and the darkly complex but beautiful people.

My hosts Beau Scott and Curtis Zito introduced me to all the bartenders and I met DJ Talcum X, some restaurant proprietors and Tattoo shop owners. Chatting with folks who were inked up to the nines and fully immersed in the music, we agreed that Denver had a huge "boomerang culture", one that would pull people back such as myself after being gone for awhile. Curtis and Beau had boasted so highly of the club because of its multiple room offerings, real underground vibe, and true peek it offers of a scene some other cities have mistakenly left behind for Bieber and the more mainstream sheep offerings.

Spinning + looking stunning; DJ Slave 1
Open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9pm till 2am, this club is a jewel in a city that has been at the top of the utterly hip and music scenesters list for the last decade. At 1037 Broadway, the first room has throwbacks in it's decor to "Clockwork Orange", enough to make any serious artist or critic pay attention. Dark, unique, and complex, there are luxurious seating areas scattered about; a nice plus. A lot of alternative clubs in the beginning were just dark holes that were fun, but not comfortable.

As far as fun and comfort, Milk definitely has both, and will always be at the top of this critic's list. So bust out that Cure or Joy Division cd you have been neglecting, and sample it for yourself. Embracing gothic culture and the individuals that crossed the line of avant garde years ago is art itself, not just opening some cookie cutter joint for profit. Bravo to the owners of Milk, and I'll be digging up some more black shirts and entering gleefully through the alley again soon.

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