Thursday, August 8, 2013

Folks up in arms for "Breaking Bad" final season

Image courtesy of AMC, Inc.
In a few days, everyone gets to take the final ride with Walt and the clan as they most likely descend into sheer depravity. One of the best shows ever penned for TV, period; "Breaking Bad" is the story of a man with cancer who decides to become a meth cook and eventual cartel pawn. Many people think it's the best thing they have ever seen, and watching Walt and Jessee negotiate, scramble, and duck their way through what happens to them is definitely intense. The New Mexico setting as a backdrop, supporting roles and Walt's brother in Law Hank's cat and mouse game are what set this apart from the usual prime time imitation.

When watching a series like this, we all wonder how hard it would be to manage a life with so many secrets. Some of us have had the duality of lying to a few people or cheating on one; but Walt finds himself in so deep that it keeps folks on the edge of their seat in a style that is standalone and distinguished.

Creating the perfect protagonist that many don't ever want to see fail, AMC has concocted a character that is so fleeting and fringe, we almost forget about the dangers of meth.... until we watch Jessee. Mike's character was explored in great detail last season, and I was personally sad to see him go. To see a full length article I did for Hypursuit Blog earlier this year, just click:


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